Kohaku namasu is a Japanese dish, made of thinly sliced daikon (Japanese white radish) and carrot, pickled in sweetened vinegar.

This dish is traditionally made of red carrot and white radish, red and white is a celebratory color combination in Japan.

Kohaku namasu symbolizes happiness and celebration.

This time, I will make it with Japanese radish peelings and carrot peelings.


Pickled white radish peelings and carrot peelings


[ Ingredients for an amount that is easy to make ]

  • 50 to 70  g in total   white radish peelings and carrot peelings
  •           1   tsp.   salt
  •     1 1/4   tsp.   light soy sauce

    For seasonings :

          ・15   ml    cooking sake

          ・15   ml    mirin (sweet cooking rice wine )

        ・45   ml    vinegar

      ・30   ml    hot water

      ・  1   tsp.   cane sugar (or beet sugar)

[ How to make ]

  1.  Put sake and mirin into a small pan and heat it, bring the mixture to the boil to remove alcohol from it. Turn off the heat, add hot water and cane sugar, let the cane sugar dissolve. Leave to stand until cool.
  2.  Add vinegar to (1)
  3.  Place white radish peelings in a horizontal row on a cutting board. Score them in an oblique direction: make tiny shallow cuts being careful not to cut through. Cut them into fine strips. Do the same with carrot peelings.
  4.  Once sprinkle salt over (3), give a massage and immediately rinse under water, then drain them in a strainer.
  5.  In a bowl, sprinkle (4) with light soy sauce and mix well. Put them in a strainer to drain excess light soy sauce.
  6. Pickle (5) with (2) for 30 minutes or more.

※ "daikon" = white radish=Japanese radish

cooking/ Akiya Takahasi

English translation/Shiho Suzuki

Photo/ Chika Sugimoto



・ 大根の皮、にんじんの皮……あわせて5070gほど











1)   鍋に酒、みりんを入れ、火にかけて煮立たせアルコールを飛ばす。火を止め、お湯、きび砂糖を加えて溶かしたら、完全に冷めるまでしばらく置く。

2)   (1)に酢を加える。

3)   まな板に大根の皮を横に長く並べ、斜めに包丁を入れてせん切りにする。にんじんの皮も同様に切る。

4)   (3)に塩を振って揉む。水で洗い流し、ザルに取って水気を切る。 

5)   ボウルに(4)を入れてしょうゆを振って混ぜ合わせ、ザルに移して醤油を切る。

6)   (2)に(5)を入れて30分以上漬ける。