In Search for The Best Henna : A miracle plant for beauty of hair

ISBN 978-4-9907925-2-7
A4変形版 120頁
価格 2,800円+税
発売日 2018年10月29日

森田 要



To help with the regeneration of damaged hair and scalp, there is 100% natural "henna", made from plants. "Henna" not only has hair treatment effects but also anti-oxidant power that makes the skin healthy. "Henna" can also make unruly hair less unruly and dye gray hair.Let's care for our beautiful hair as we get old by using henna to regenerate damaged hair and skin.

Kaname Morita
A hair stylist born in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan in 1958. President of Kamidoko, a beauty salon and President of Laksmi Co. Ltd., a distributor of cosmetics. After graduating from Tokyo Max Beauty College and working as a trainee, he opened his own hair salon in Minami-Aoyama in 1984. He then started selling products such as henna and shampoo online in 1998. His book “Treatment Hair Color Henna" (Publisher: Gakuyoshobo) published in the same year is the first book in Japan to talk about henna and hair.